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Pigeon Control Phoenix Az. - Birds Control Phoenix Az.

Phoenix Arizona Pigeon & Bird Control SpecialistsFat content pigeon sitting dont let that happen to you call us today

        When you hire us you get the results you expected in writing and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the time you've been wasting cleaning up after your pest birds or avoiding the bird poop that has been coming off the roof will get resolved quickly, correctly and humanely.  

Arizona Wings N' Stings is a family owned bird control and pigeon control specialty company that has specialized in providing Humane, Effective, Discrete and Guaranteed Arizona pigeon removal and Phoenix Az bird removal solutions to well over 4000 homes, business and structures of all types in Phoenix Arizona, Maricopa County and only commercial buildings throughout many other Arizona cities.

     All our employees have a minimum of 5 years experience installing bird exclusion products like bird spike, pigeon control netting, bird screen, low volt shock track systems and post and wire systems while working on residential and commercial buildings and they are all "Certified Bird Control Installers"  who take great pride and satisfaction in the look and results of their work.

   The only thing worst than bird poop, pigeon droppings or bird nesting materials on a building is seeing a bunch of bird control or exclusion deterrents like bird spike or screen sticking out like a sore thumb on your home or business which could lower resell value, effect your business image and in our opinion is just plain ugly to look at when you shouldn't have to.

We install birds control deterrents very discretely so all of the pigeon control or bird control exclusion materials we install that could possibly be visible from the ground will usually be painted to blend with the surrounding building color. 

We provide many different birds control services including the following;

  • Pigeon Droppings and Bird Poop Clean Up from roof tops

  • Roof top and ground pressure washing and disinfecting services

  • Installation of exclusion materials to prevent pigeon and bird nesting on your roof, windows and under Hvac units

  • Installation of bird control deterrents to prevent pigeons or birds roosting on parapet walls, roof peaks or windows

  • Bird Hazing systems for open air space bird control when other products can't be effective

  • Live pigeon trapping flock reduce services - We don't believe in using indiscriminate poisons!

  • Arizona Gila Woodpecker screening and scare devices.





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Guaranteed Workmanship - Guaranteed Products

Guaranteed Results

We will Guarantee all workmanship and installations for 3 - 5 years in the areas we install our humane pigeon and bird barriers or bird and pigeon deterrents, treat or close off against pest birds and pest pigeons. Most all of the bird or pigeon deterrent products we use or install carry a 3 - 5 year warrantee. Call now to schedule your Free, No Obligation Inspection and ask for details about our Bird Free Guarantee.

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