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  We're growing and expanding

   As we grow we are always on the look out for quality employees to help fill openings and to use those talents to help create new opportunities and growth for everyone.


Current Help Wanted Openings

  • Bird Control services & products Installers 1 in 2011
  • Pigeon & Bird Control Sales Person in Arizona   2 in 2011
  • Mosquito Mist System Sales Person 
  • Mosquito Mist System Installers
  • Wildlife Trapping & Sales Specialists 
  • Full / Part Time Office Help- NW Phoenix   1 Part Time in 2009
  • Bird Control Sales & Service Manager for Las Vegas, Nevada - on hold


Interested in joining our team ?

  1. Having previous experience in residential or commercial bird control service or sales is always a big plus and you go to the head of the line ....

  2. Are you looking to stay with a company long term ?

  3. Are you looking for an interesting, different, unique type of career, not just a job ?

  4. Do you take pride in the work you do, even when no one is looking ?

  5. Would you rather work for a family run business or an impersonal large corporation.

  6. Can you work well with other team members ?

  7. Do you enjoy talking to and interacting with customers ?

  8. Are you the type that can put up with working outdoors and is not afraid of heights or being on a two story or more building.

  9. Any general construction experience - working on ladders, roof tops and is able to use general hand tools, drills, basic power tools and brain ?

  10. Are you the type of person that can work safely and un-supervised ?

  11. Do you enjoy new challenges, meeting new people and doing something different every day ?

  12. Do you have good driving skills, no tickets and can handle driving a full size work Van ?

  13. Can you lift 50 - 60 lbs of weight, such as a 28 - 32' long extension ladder or other types of equipment ?

  14. Are you in good health, good hearing, eye sight ?

  15. Are you over 21 years of age and under 220 lbs

  16. Can you pass a drug test, if we require it ?

  17. Can you read a map book to get around a city.

  18. Can people read your writing or is it closer to chicken scratch

  19. Do you have any sales experience in bird control, mosquito control, pest control or other related fields ?

We don't want just anyone.

We expect the best for our clients!

Think you may like a career working with us and helping people solve their bird  and bee problems ?


We can offer you:

  • A Job with a growing, caring, family owned & run company.
  • Take Home Company Vehicle and Cell Phone
  • All Equipment / Tools / Work Supplied
  • Competitive Salary
  • Paid Commission for Residential or Commercial Sales
  • On Going Paid Training
  • No Experience trainees start @ $ 10.00 plus per hour DOE
  • Experienced installers start @ $ 12.00 - 19.00 plus per hour DOE
  • Additional $ for Over Night, Out Of Town work
  • Paid Holidays & Vacations
  • Workers Comp. Insurance
  • Other Benefits are being added as we grow.....


If you think you may qualify, then contact us to see if we're hiring at that time.

SORRY- This feature not working yet, Contact our office for more information


The above information is just a basic information outline and not a complete list of jobs and duties we expect from our team members. Many factors go into hiring a new sales or service specialists - By contacting us or filling out an application there is No Guarantee of employment or being hired.




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