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Pigeon and bird netting different types of canopy structures   


Open shade structures offer lots of roosting and nesting locations and are ideal for pigeons and other nuisance types of birds. The 2 different types of structures below offer a good example of how the work looks after we finish.

The first structure is an open beam steel truss structure and the second is a wooden truss structure.


Open steel beam structure was pressured washed and then using 2" square black pigeon net to close off the sides and underside.

We used girder clips hammered onto the steel trusses and then attached a cable support system to hold up the netting.

Lots of nesting and roosting sites under this structure

Pigeon poop was all over the ground and had to be cleaned up every day

Hogging each square of the the netting to the cable system
The entire underside of the structure needed to be netted from the pigeons We had a wide open working area to install the pigeon netting
Another view of the pigeon control netting Pigeon control netting installed and working great - No Pigeons !
Inspection station in Bullhead City Pigeons and Sparrows were nesting.

Open wooden beam structure was netted on the front and back face and along the underside of the wooden trusses using black 3/4" netting.

Stainless steel lags screws were used to hold the cable to the walls and net was attached to the cable.

As you can see there are lots of roosting places for the pigeons to get out of the sun in here Using 3/4" netting we had to hog every single square and keep the pigeon net tight as we worked
Pigeon net installed so the lights would be below the net Using 3/4' net you need to close it so not a single opening is available into the net or sparrows could get into the net and get trapped
Net installed along the edges - we use chaulk line to keep it so straight Another job well done and looking good for the customer for many years to come.


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