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Pigeon Netting & Bee Control for a Church

This church had installed Nixalite bird spike by a pest control company some years back but did not closed off the spire edges.

The problem was that whoever installed the spike did it incorrectly and that allowed the pigeons to nest on top of the spike creating even more of a problem by providing a nice nest spot and attracting more pigeons to the area which started them roosting on the spire itself which caused even more problems for church goers.

 Looking through the stained-glass window from inside you could see the pigeons moving around on the metal ledges and even making whoopee during the service, not very good on a Sunday morning.

Bird spike is a good product, but it must be installed correctly and in the right locations or the problem will be made worst as pigeons and smaller birds can nest in the spike if given the opportunity.

Exclusion is always the best way to guarantee no birds will be able to get back to their nesting sites.


Installing pigeon netting but having to deal with bees first


Pigeons were sitting all along the spire tips and block step ledges creating a 2' deep pile of old eggs, dead birds and pigeon feces on the ground where the pastor's  back entry door is.

5 different aggressive bee hives were also a problem along the roof soffit and they had to be treated in the early am before we could start doing the cleanup and netting work. Servicemen had to wear a bee veil all day for protection from the returning very ticked off bees that were just about 5 feet away.

A cable system was installed along the sides of the block wall and a cable was run down the center to keep the net in place.   Stainless steel bird spike was installed on each of the block steps to keep pigeons from sitting on this area also.
The pigeons were not very happy when they returned later in the day to find out all the old roosting spots were now inaccessible. The netting is not visible from inside the church or even from the street so all the stain glass pops out even better without all the pigeon droppings running down all over it.

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