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Cooling Tower & HVAC  Pigeon Control Netting

   This project involved netting off 3 very large cooling units for a milk bottling plant and cool storage.

   Bird were getting into the motors and fan belt areas which caused the chiller motors problems and the birds didn't fair too well either.

   We had to build all the raised station poles on site and weld up the cross connectors much like an erector set so they all fit into each other.

   The idea was to raise the 3/4" net above where the water was shooting out from the top of the vents and the high volume of air coming up from the large fans.

  As you can see, we were working above the chiller units that were already raised two stories above the ground and we had to move plywood around where we would walk so we would not fall through the vents on the top of the chillers.


8' Frame sections had to be made and installed onto the steel I beams to support the netting and cable system.

Support frames hold the netting and cable system above the units and still allow personnel to change the pads.

Work was done atop chiller units while they were running, we had a good upward breeze all the time which keep moving the plywood we laid down so we could walk on.

50' x 100' Nets had to be pulled across the tops of the support bracket and cable system.

Outside edges of the net had to be attached using a 60' bucket lift to reach from outside the wall.

Netting is hog ringed attached to a cable system that is attached to the tubing.


All 2" tubing had to be welded and attached much like an erector set and then tubes had to be fitted together.

Net and cable system is angled to allow access along the beams.

Looking down onto the net, it's nice and straight and designed to last many years.

As the sun sets in the west we end another day where it was 112 degrees and we all got blisters from working with steel all day.

View of HVAC unit from ground

View from the parking lot below.

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