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Netting at Copper mine acid pond  

       We are problem solvers and many times we get asked to look at and provide a bird control or exclusion solution for some very interesting and unusual problems.

   The customer had previously used some very expensive and heavy netting to protect the tops of the acid tank from birds landing in it and causing problems for the birds but the problem is between the net and the acid solution there is only a few feet of space, after a while the net started to sag into the acid solution which then starts to looks like a pond for passing birds like hawk's and ducks.

   We suggested that raising the net several feet above the acid solution and using lighter net would prevent the net from sagging into the solution


View of the acid holding tank - it smells bad and it's 110 degrees outside while we work

Top of the tank, they used a heavy netting material that sagged into the pond and birds could now get acid on their feet and bodies

Access to the tanks was 20' - 30'  up

We had to use ladders for 3/4 of the project

 We had to install a series of 2" support poles that we treated to withstand the acid and then bolted it into the concrete

Then we run a series of stainless steel cables and turnbuckles back and forth.

We had to find a field where we could lay out 2 - 100' x 100' nets and hog each of the squares together to joint the nets together.

Then we rolled the nets up and all of us carried the net a 1/2 mile to get ready to hang the net.

We had to run a rope across the tank, lifted the net 80' into the air and pulled and feed the net over to the other side.

We could not allow the netting to fall into the acid or even touch it for fear of ruining the net.

 Here is the net over the tops of the stainless steel cables and above the acid before we unroll it.

Notice the seam where we joined the net, we could not allow any holes or we would have to remove the net and start over.

Because most of our work was off ladders and we had to move around pipes on the ground, pipes coming out of the tank, dirt mounds and irregular grade levels it took a while to unroll the net on each side before we could attach it to the cable system.

You can see the criss cross cable system

Here you can see how nice the netting looks from inside of the net.

Here is the view looking at the net from the side, no saggy net here.


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