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Pigeon Exclusion & Control Entry Area Screening & Netting

Pigeons just love these types of structures with the open beams and nice places to nest and get out of the weather during the summer heat.

But when you have pigeons nesting near an entryway that always creates possible slip and fall hazards and liabilities as well as the chance that some of the pigeon poop, nest debris and insects like bed bugs can get picked up and tracked into the building causing a whole other big problem 

Pigeons were nesting inside the side beams and the pigeon poop was all over the ground when customers would walk in and out of the building Birds were nesting on top of the columns and wood beams
Installing pigeon control netting using a hog gun to hold the netting in place Pigeons were sitting on the fire sprinkler line and beams as well as nesting on top of the pillars.
We install tan bird control netting to cover the fire lines and beams to stop all the mess being created To keep Pigeons out of the area we chose to net the ceiling and beam areas off using 3/4" tan net, which also keeps out smaller birds such as sparrows, swallows and grackles.

Tan netting should only be used when it is out of direct sun light since it breaks down after about 3 or 4 years because of UV rays.

Zippers were installed to allow access for service on fire sprinkler lines.

Pigeon control netting having a zipper access put into the net As you see here the zippers just opens and maintance personnel can change light bulbs and more
Detail of a basic netting system -

Corner bolts, intermediate attachment, galvanized perimeter cable, and a tensioning turnbuckle with the netting attached to it.

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