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Pigeon Control Netting & Poop Removal for Gas Station Canopies

Gas and Fuel Stations or Convenience Stores with Fuel

  • Canopy debris clean-up
  • Power washing for your whole station or canopy
  • Bird netting installed
  • Bird netting repair
  • Bird wire repair/replacements
  • Bird shock track install/ repair
  • Full bird abatement & remediation services
  • Hazardous guano cleaning and remove


   A gas station canopy pose's a real problem for the station owner when pigeons start to nest on them. It does not take many years for a flock of pigeons to ruin the gutters and metal of a $ 20,000.00 canopy.

An Average pigeon poops 47 - 51 times a day or over 25 lb's of poop a year

   Gas Canopies provide a great observation point for pigeons, they like to sit along the canopy edges and survey the area. Canopies also provide lots of protected nesting sites inside the canopy gutter areas and just out in the open.

   On the gas canopy flat metal roof areas, pigeon feces and nests will clog the drains and eat awayPigeons nesting in the gutters of gas canopy caused the entire gutter to rust away at the light weight metal canopy itself, anyone that has been around a gas canopy after it rains and where a lot of pigeons have been nesting has probably seen the brown stuff running along the ceiling and down the sides of the metal joints or worst yet smelled the odor the canopy emits for several days after the rain - not very pleasant. 

Buildup of pigeon poop clogs the gutters and then causes the water to drain out where its not suppose to   Gas canopy outside view metal siding can get covered with pigeons feces that will run down the canopy sides and even landing on the ground creating an unappealing image to customers pulling in to the station and this also creates slip and fall hazards on the ground for customers filling up with gas.

Pigeons lined up on a gas canopy can stain the outside skin and it looks really bad too!


   If you see pigeons roosting along the top edges of you gas station canopy they most likely are not just  passing by they live there and you have a bird problem - it will not go away it will only get worst as time goes on and more baby pigeons are born and that will cost even more to clean and fix.

Small sample of the bags need to clean off a gas canopy of pigeon and bird poop


As an example: One of the 110' x 45' canopies we cleaned took 14 men 1 1/2 days and filled a 40 yard dumpster that we filed with 626 full size 55 gallon trash bags of pigeon waste, it weighted over 10 tons, what's worst is that the company had us clean the canopy 2 years earlier and we took a little more than this amount off the first time.




Small 25 x 25 gas canopy have hold a ton or more of built up pigeon and bird poop

Pigeons just love gas canopies, even small units like this 25' x 25' can have 60 - 100 pigeons living on top of it.

After a rain water can't run off and keeps the poop smelling bad for the customers below

The pigeon feces, eggs and dead birds on this canopy were 6" to 12" deep, the dry weight when removed was over a ton in weight.

All the gutters were clogged, so when it rained the weight was probably 2x the dry weight which could lead to rusting of the metal canopy or worst yet collapse of the structure.

A cleaned gas canopy with pigeon control netting ready to be installed Support poles and a cable system are used to help hold up the exclusion netting.

Poles are set above the top of the canopy edges so that the net angles down stopping most of the pigeons from sitting on the net

Gas station canopy with pitched support poles and netting installed 2" Netting is installed over the cable support system and hog ringed to hold the net in place.
Gas station canopy free and clean of pigeons Net is attached to the edges of the canopy and pulled tight.
Low profile netting installed to keep the pigeons from nestings View from the ground is only slightly visible, but what is worst ? all that pigeons feces on the canopy and the smell when it rains or the view of bird net on the canopy keeping out the pigeons.


   Netting can be installed several different way, with a pitch as seen in the 7/11 canopy or we can install the netting straight across so that it can't be seen from the ground.

 We prefer to install the netting with a pitch if you have any large group of pigeons living on the gas canopy because once the canopy is netted off the pigeons will still hang around for a while and the weight of several dozen or 100 pigeons will stress the net to the breaking point if the pigeons stay too long as seen in the below examples. If you have a lot of pigeons on your gas canopy it may be best to use 1 1/8" netting since it's stronger than the normal 2" pigeon netting against so much pigeon weight.

  Live catch trapping to reduce the main pigeon population is one of the best way to stop this problem.

Pigeons sitting on the cable and netting of a gas canopy - trapping for a few months before netting would have helped this problem

200 pigeons spend the night on the recently netted gas canopy thats why we recommend using 1 1/8" netting it holds up better and longer

Contact us for all your gas canopy bird control needs, we have the experience and know how to do the job.

 Call Arizona Wings N' Stings for all your bird control problems.

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