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Library Pigeon & Bird Control Abatement in Phoenix, Arizona


   On a large project like this where you have so many different ledges, angles and cables that allow the pigeons and birds to roost on you have to have the knowledge and experience to use many different products and methods to be able to effectively and long term keep the birds off the building.

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Pigeon control services done for librarys Bird control and exclusion work done for pigeons
Bird control done in phoenix arizona at a library The entire front of this building had to be cleaned and then pressure washed before we could even start our work because of all the pigeon droppings on the sails, cables and windows.

There were 4 of these emergency exit type areas and were wide open allowing the pigeons and other birds easy access to the steel beams and other great protected nesting sites, which created slip and fall hazards on the stairs during fire drills.

Net installed over the open end of the library to keep out the pigeons and birds This is the top view of the open ends of the emergency exits.

We use 2" black netting in a strip that was 6' wide and 90' high.

We had to haul up the stairs and construct a 50' x 25' platform made of 20' 2x8's and 3/4" plywood on the top of the I beams so we could safely work in this area and the other 3 areas, then haul it all down again.

Bird control spike installed on the columns to keep pigeons away Columns like this one provided nice nesting spots for the pigeons, but could also bee seen from inside the library.


We used stainless steel bird spike to the tops of the columns and applied it with a bird bond.

135' up in the air to install bird control spikes on all the ledges As you can there are lots of roosting spots for pigeon up here and every one of them had to be protected.


We used a 135' lift to reach these areas and also had to be very careful not to hit the sails or even the large panes of glass that people would stand next to and watch us do our work from.

Bird and pigeon control spike was installed on all the beams and cross bracing Close up of the stainless steel bird spike on the tops of all the steel beams
Bird control post and spring wire installed to keep the pigeons off the cable system Here you can see the post and wire system that was run along the tops of the cable system and tops of the mast
Closeup view of the post and wire system on the cables Here you can see a little better picture of the post and wire system of the cable.

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