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FACT: Pigeons on a roof top can reduce the life of the roof 20% or more








The most important part of any pigeon or bird control program is making sure they can't nest.

 To stop pigeons from nesting you have to exclude pigeons access to any and all desirable nesting sites.

 When all of the possible nesting sites have been treated or excluded, you should realize about an 80% - 90% chance that the birds will give up and move on.

 Then when you treat all the other possible spots on which pigeons can roost or stand, your odds increase to well over 98%

 There are no know products on the market or services that can guarantee 100% pigeons will not stand on an type of unprotected ledge or untreated surface.

Bird control hazing systems work good for open air areas when no other type of bird control deterrent or exclusion product can be installed but not 100%






Pigeon control and bird shock control deterrent systems

Pigeon landing on a wall that has shock ttrack installed


Bird shock systems provide a low voltage shock to the birds when they come in contact with the + - wires, Very similar to a dog or deer shock fence. Shock track is usually run on ridge top areas of the roof, along parapet walls or other areas pigeons and larger birds like to land or roost. 

 These products are very effective and comes in a variety of styles and materials that can fit on most any building or structures.


Bird Shock Track Systems provide

one of the most affordable, effective and discreet

pigeon deterrent methods on the market today.


Direct plug-in power supply - Provides power for longer runs of track and a  stronger jolt.

Solar powered supply - Good for shorter runs and where no plug in power is available.  Units are good for about 2 years of use before need to be replaced.



Braided stainless steel wires are run in tow rows so that when birds make contact with both the + - wires they receive a small, but effective shock that teaches them to stay away.

Rubberized track is attached to roof tiles or other building materials with an adhesive to hold it firmly in place.

Bird Be Gone flexable shock track Flex Track shock is mounted using inserts and or screws on tile roofs and other materials.

Material is very flexible for a discreet, low profile pigeon deterrent.

This is our basic low cost bird shock system where we run post and wire that give the pigeons a shock when they touch both wires.



Shock track systems can be used in lots of different places and provide a very low profile and discreet solution to bird problems without hurting the pest bird or pigeon.

Below are some examples of different areas shock track is being used.



  Sign letters are a favorite place for pigeons to hang out on, they will nest inside the larger letters and the back side electric boxes. Pigeons sit on the tops of the letters to get a good view of incoming dangers or any opportunities  for food or in the case of the male pigeon a receptive female mating partner.  They create a big nasty mess in the letters and on the ground below with all the poop and stuff

Ledges along building offer pigeons good visibility and a nice place to warm themselves.

Pigeon droppings run down the side of the buildings and on the ground below creating a poor image of the building and slip and fall hazards to you, employees and customers

Tile roof tops can be ruined or the life can be reduced by 20% by the bird droppings on the roof which can also cause water to backup under the tiles and then get into the house, ruining the drywall, carpet and other items inside.


Contact us today to see about scheduling an inspection of your property and see how we can help you stop all the noise and mess as well as the possible slip & fall dangers or health hazards associated with pest birds that may be roosting or nesting on any of your properties.



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