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Courtyard netting and shock track system

This project was for a courtyard in the center of the office building for the interior open air patio off the employee lounge and eating area.

   One large door and a wall were not put in yet to allow the lift to be brought in and were keep out until we finished installing the netting system and shock track system along each of the pitched roof areas.

After we finished our work and got the lift out the walls were replaced, the patio was poured and a fountain plus planters and tables were installed.


   The courtyard was very small and when the lift boom would come down we had to make sure the lift was centered or we would hit the wall.
   Each of the openings had to be netted separately using 3/4" netting.
We had to hang one side then the other side since only one lift could be in the area at a time.
Stretching out the tan 3/4"net 75' in the air
Here you can see the installed net and the shock track installed on the top of the pitched roof.
Here are some better pictures of the special brackets we built to mount the shock track on top of.
Here you can see the netting installed its nice and straight.

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