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Pigeon and Bird Control Removal Exclusion for School

This school has been dealing with pigeon problems for some time especially above the class room windows and on some decorative blocks on the 2nd level where pigeons use to get out of the weather and away from predators.

The problem is that all the pigeon feces is landing right where the children are playing and walking to class.

Slip and fall liabilities or problems with health concerns for the children and teaches alike was a big reason the school called Arizona Wings N' Stings to take care of the problem once and for all.


Pigeons on ledge of school

Pigeons enjoying a protected ledge that is above a class room window and the feces is running down the walls and glass windows and then landing down below on the side walks and stairs where children walk and play which could create slip and fall hazards.

Stainless steel bird spike installed on ledge

Stainless Steel Spike was painted to blend and will keep the pigeons away for many years despite the hot sun and temperatures this area receives during the day.

The entire ledge is now pigeon proofed for many years to come.

Pigeon nesting inside of block

Pigeons are sitting and trying to nest in the block cutouts of the building and pigeon feces is running down the walls and landing on the walkways below creating slip and fall hazards for children and teachers.

Pigeon exclusion spike installed inside of block

Stainless Steel Spike was installed on the inside of the block cutouts to exclude pigeons and still not change the look of the cutout.

Spike was painted to blend with the red block

Pigeons are not too happy when they come back and find their favorite roosting sites are no longer a good place to roost.


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