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Contact us today to see about scheduling an inspection of your property and see how we can help you stop all the noise and mess as well as the possible slip & fall dangers or health hazards associated with pest birds that may be roosting or nesting on any of your properties.















Pigeon Control and Bird Control Deterrent Screens Doors

As my Grandmother use to say " Close the door, your letting in the fly's"

   That is just as true today with pigeons and other types of birds in warehouses.  If you have a large door or warehouse door that allows easy access to the birds coming and going "Close the door"

These heavy duty, light weight doors can be closed with one hand and are vented to allow the air to flow through them.

Screen door keeping pigeons out of warehouse


Sliding Screen Doors are durable, light weight and see through from the outside or inside




Pigeon Screen door looking from outside in


Closed looking in from a distant you can still see the ladder and other things inside the screen



Screen door view from inside looking out



View from inside looking out



We have many different types of door screens for all sorts of bird control and exclusion needs.

These warehouse doors are 15' high and 30' wide Screen doors are attached along the top to a track and sliders to open and close easy The bottom of each door has a secureing post to help hold doors closed during windy days


Call today to see how we can help get the birds out of your warehouse and keep them out.



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